With attorneys, paralegals and administrative support staff, our Firm can provide you with the level of representation that works best for you for litigation and mediation cases.

We offer Full Representation, Limited Representation and guided Self Representation services for family law matters. Whether you want our legal Team to handle your case from start to finish, or whether you may want a brief consultation or some self-help guides, we are confident there is a level of service that meets your specific needs.

Folsom Full Representation Attorney

Full Representation

Our firm represents you for all purposes related to your matter. With experienced attorneys, paralegals and administrative support staff, our legal team handling can handle your family law matter from start to finish. This means that we will be responsible for the preparation of all your documents, conferences with…

Folsom Limited Representation Attorney

Limited Representation

We provide you with limited representation, at a level you designate, for your mediation or litigation case. In recent years, the State Bar of California approved “Limited Scope Representation,” which allows attorneys to provide legal services on a limited basis. Our Firm provides this limited representation in…

Folsom Self Representation Attorney

Self Representation

Our firm provides you with step-by-step guides to allow you to handle your legal matter In Pro Per — or without an attorney. In this challenging economic environment, we realize that not everyone can afford the cost of legal representation. Also, we realize that there are some people who have a divorce matter…

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