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At a time when half of all marriages end in divorce, there is a chance that you or someone you know will be in need of family law legal services.

Not every case is decided by a judge — in fact, most cases are settled without the necessity of a trial. In every case though, you need an experienced advocate who has strong negotiation skills to protect your legal rights and interests.

Burke & Associates, Inc., led by Managing Attorney Rebecca Esty-Burke, may be the team for you. We have represented clients in El Dorado County, Sacramento County, Placer County, Amador County, Del Norte County, San Joaquin County, Santa Clara County and San Diego County.

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Folsom Divorce Attorney

Divorce & Legal Separation

It doesn’t matter whether yours is a “friendly” divorce where you and your spouse agree on everything or whether it is “difficult” divorce that has frequent and/or complex litigation. It is a difficult and emotional time and you want to assure that your interests and rights are protected in the process…


Mediation is a non-litigious option geared towards helping you resolve your family dispute.  This voluntary process allows people experiencing dispute to make decisions together based on mutual understanding.  If the people involved are capable of sitting down together to discuss difficult and important issues, mediation can be an effective tool to resolve matters peacefully and without court involvement.

Folsom Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody and Visitation

In our experience, one of the most difficult issues for divorcing or separating parents to address is the question of which parent will have custody of the children. These can be emotionally charged issues, and the Stockdale Law Firm, Inc. Team in El Dorado Hills can help you and your spouse facilitate agreements…

Folsom Child Support Attorney

Child Support

In California, both parents share the responsibility for the financial support of their minor children. When parents divorce, a child support order is usually appropriate. Child support is the amount of money that one parent pays to the other parent each month so that the children are financially supported…

Folsom Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal Support

Spousal support, also called alimony, is the payment that a court may order one spouse to pay another spouse when a couple gets divorced or separated. The purpose of spousal support is to ensure that the economic welfare of the lower wage earning or non-wage earning spouse is not…

Folsom Domestic Abuse Attorney

Domestic Violence

Our caring and experience attorneys will take an action-oriented approach to your domestic violence case. If you are a victim of assault or serious threats, we will advise and guide you through process for securing a restraining order. With your input…

Folsom Stepparent, Family Member and Adult Adoptions Attorney

Stepparent, Family Member and Adult Adoptions

Step-parent adoption is when the legal parent has custody of a child and his or her spouse or domestic partner seeks to become the child’s legal parent. Most commonly, the stepparent/domestic…

Folsom Guardianships Attorney


Guardianships give adults a chance to take care of children whose parents are unable to take care of the kids themselves. In some situations, a biological parent may abuse drugs or alcohol and be unfit to act as parents. In other situations, a single parent may be leaving soon to serve in Iraq…

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