Family Law Facilitator

The California family law court system offers a service that some may not know about. A family law facilitator is a lawyer with experience in family law who works for the superior court in any given county. The family law facilitator is not your lawyer, but rather a lawyer who works for the court to help parents or children who do not have their own lawyer.

This facilitator provides helps you navigate the system at no cost. The amount of money you make does not matter and is not a prequalification to using the services of a family law facilitator. However, you do not have attorney-client privilege with the family law facilitator and there is no confidentiality. They do not provide legal advice or represent you in court, but they assist self-represented family law litigants with the preparation of petitions, responses, motions and declarations.

A family law facilitator can:
– Provide information about establishing parentage (paternity) (You may also wish to see our blog post about establishing parentage here)
– Provide court forms you need
– Help you obtain, change, or enforce child, spousal, or partner support orders
– Help you fill out your forms
– Help you figure out support amounts
– Refer you to your local child support agency, family court services, and other community agencies that help parents and children.

Some family law facilitators can help you with divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and other family law issues, but each county is different so you should contact your county’s facilitator to learn about the specific services available. Here is a link to all courts in the state:

If you feel you need consultation and a lawyer to help you through family law issues, please contact the Stockdale Law Firm, Inc. We advocate for our clients and work to have the best possible resolution.


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