Love Lives: Myrlys Stockdale Officiates Wedding Ceremony

Managing Attorney Myrlys Stockdale officiated over her first wedding on June 21, 2014 in Roseville. California Family Code sections 420 to 426 set forth the requirements for couples who wish to be married by a friend or family member.

In California, there is no particular format required for the marriage ceremony (or the solemnization of the marriage). However, California requires that each party, in the presence of the wedding officiant and other witnesses, declare that they each take the other to be their spouse.

“When the bride asked if I could perform her wedding ceremony, I was unaware of the procedural requirements so I did my research, became ordained and was looking forward to the wedding,” said Stockdale.

Stockdale, who handles both prenuptial cases and divorce cases explained that “performing the wedding ceremony was such an uplifting experience, as newlyweds are so excited, hopeful and looking forward to planning their life together.”

Best wishes and congratulations to Ryan and Ronlyn George!

Please contact Stockdale Law Firm, Inc. if you are interested in having Ms. Stockdale officiate at your wedding.

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