10 Years Ago This Week

It was 10 years ago that I obtained a business license for a law practice.

So much happened in my life which was the impetus for beginning this law firm. There were plenty of challenges, but I truly believe challenges are opportunities for success.

My opportunities began when I divorced in 1993, single mom with a 5 and 3 year old. It was an acrimonious divorce, with years of nasty custody and support litigation that took a toll on my children as well as myself. I wanted to create a better life for the kids and myself and I went to law school at night, while working during the day. Some days were 18 or more hour days in light of the distance from home to work and school.

As my children entered and progressed through high school, it became more apparent to me that whether or not they realized it, they needed their mother more available to them. By March 2003, armed with a brand new State Bar card, I opened up the law firm in the kitchen of my home. I worked all day and came and practiced law in the evening. My goal was to build up enough clientele to do the law practice full time.

By July 2003, I left state government (I was the Director of Public Affairs for the State Water Board) to take a lesser paying but secure job with El Dorado County public affairs. It allowed me to be closer to home and to practice law in the evenings. By February 2004, I left El Dorado County and opened up my practice full time.

I chose family law in large part because of my own personal experience with the challenges and effects of prolonged nasty litigation. I think it is most harmful to the children and the work I do – through mediation and collaboration – focuses on minimizing such harm.

The firm’s legal team is hand picked and comprised of professionals who do the work they do because they love family law. We handle mediation, litigation, and collaborative divorce, and we have appeared in Superior Courts in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Amador, Nevada, Alameda, Santa Clara and San Diego Counties.

As the firm’s Managing Attorney, I am truly grateful for the community and business support we have received in the past 10 years and look forward to serving this community for many more years to come.

Thank you.

~Myrlys L. Stockdale

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